Covid-19 in Indien / Fundraiser

„As friends, we never thought we will be organizing a fundraiser for our dear friend Purushothaman Raghunath(34) who now needs help.

Being the sole breadwinner of his family, Purushothaman is hardworking and a responsible family man. He supports his parents and his wife Eswari is a house wife and she needs to be mentally and financially strong to support him now. His beautiful daughter Prarthana(5) is waiting for her dad to recover. He is employed in an IT sector and all his co-workers know him as a very supportive and friendly person.

Purushothaman tested positive for the COVID-19 in mid April 2021 and his health quickly deteriorated. Given the current situation in Chennai, with great difficulty his family found a hospital with a ventilator facility and after a few days of treatment there, his health still declined and he needed a ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) device to keep him alive. He was shifted to Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre, Chennai where he is currently treated with ECMO Support. He is on ECMO support for a week and at this point of time, we are not sure of how long will the ECMO support continue and if he needs a cytosorb therapy treatment as his inflammatory marker levels have increased. He needs to continue in ICU for monitoring once he is back on ventilator support. The treatment costs have crossed the maximum limits of insurance.The family has exhausted all their savings by now and still not sure how much it would cost for the treatment as there is no clear path of recovery at this point.

In this critical time for Purushothaman and his family, we are raising this GoFundMe to support his out of pocket medical expenses. We request you to keep Purushothaman and his family in your prayers. We are grateful for any contribution. No contribution is small. Thank you for supporting.

  • Total Medical expenses Apr 20th – Apr 28th – 25,665 USD [Bill Attached]
  • Expected Medical Expenses per day – 2500 USD
  • Anticipated Hospitalization Period – 4 – 5 weeks“


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