Kostenersparnis bestätigt

Kostenersparnis durch Adsorber-Einsatz im Ticagrelor-Kontext in UK bestätigt.
„Results In emergent cardiac surgery, intraoperative removal of ticagrelor using CytoSorb was less costly (£12,933 vs. £16,874) and more effective (0.06201vs. 0.06091 quality-adjusted life-years) than cardiac surgery without physiologic clear-ance of ticagrelor over a 30-day time horizon. For urgent cardiac surgery, the use of CytoSorb was less costly than any of the three comparators—delaying surgery for natural washout without adjunctive therapy, adjunctive therapy with short-acting antiplatelet agents, or adjunctive therapy with low-molecular-weight heparin. Results from the PSAs showed that CytoSorb has a high probability of being cost saving (99% in emergent cardiac surgery and 53–77% in urgent cardiac surgery, depend-ing on the comparators). Cost savings derive from fewer transfusions of blood products and re-thoracotomies, and shorter stay in the hospital/intensive care unit.
Conclusions The implementation of CytoSorb as an intraoperative intervention for patients receiving ticagrelor undergo-ing emergent or urgent cardiac surgery is a cost-saving strategy, yielding improvement in perioperative and postoperative outcomes and decreased health resource use.“
Das ganze man bei Springer nachlesen (hochangesehen und selektiv in der Artikel-Auswahl): https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007%2Fs41669-019-0…
„… therefore it was a dominant strategy compared with the usual standard of care where emergent surgery is performed without waiting for physiologic clearance of ticagrelor. „
Ich schwöre, dass dieser Artikel in WordPress selbst ordentlich aussieht – mit Zeilenumbrüchen und allem drum und dran. Keine Ahnung, warum der dann so verstümmelt veröffentlicht wird.

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