CTSO in Korea und Mexiko


„Mr. Sung Ok Choi, President and CEO of Fresenius Medical Care Korea, stated, „Continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) treatment of hospitalized critically-ill patients is gradually increasing in Korea. We are very pleased to be able to introduce CytoSorb to the Korea market, and through the partnership with CytoSorbents, Fresenius Medical Care Korea will continue to strive to provide more comprehensive acute treatment options for healthcare professionals and patients with acute kidney injury.“

Mr. Alfredo Merino, Senior Vice President – Business Strategy of Fresenius Medical Care North America, and CEO Fresenius Medical Care Mexico, said, „We are excited to expand our partnership with CytoSorbents to introduce CytoSorb to the Mexican healthcare system. In the country each year, hundreds of thousands of lives are lost at a tremendous human and economic cost from hyperinflammatory conditions such as sepsis, trauma, acute liver disease, and lung injury due to a lack of effective therapies. We hope to change this with CytoSorb.“

Dr. Phillip Chan, CEO of CytoSorbents commented, „We are pleased to extend our collaboration with Fresenius Medical Care into these large and strategically important markets. Fresenius Medical Care’s expertise in intensive care and strong commercial organizations in Mexico and Korea make them an excellent partner for CytoSorb.“

Klingt gut. Allein die Abnahmemengen von Fresenius Medical Care schwächeln noch sehr. Sei’s drum. Bin nachwievor sehr gespannt auf das erste Zwischenergebnis der REMOVE Studie…


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