CTSO in Emden

Anbei eine Studie aus Emden, die sieben Patienten umfasst. Erwartete Sterblichkeit der Patienten bei rund 91 %. Tatsächliche Sterblichkeit bei 43 %.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first case series on the use of CytoSorb therapy in critically ill patients with septic shock, ARDS, and need for VV ECMO as well as renal replacement therapy. The combined treatment of these patients was associated with a significant stabilization of hemodynamics and a clear reduction in hyperlactatemia. We further observed a significant improvement in lung function and invasiveness of ventilation. Additionally, severity of illness and overall organ dysfunction showed a considerable decrease during the course of the combined treatment, while observed mortality was only half as predicted by APACHE II. Therefore, CytoSorb might represent a potentially promising therapy option for patients with refractory ECMO-dependent ARDS in the context of septic shock, which needs to be validated in well-designed future trials.“


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